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Targeted by a Politically Motivated Governor

 “Parents in Virginia know firsthand what it’s like to be targeted by politically motivated actions,” said Glenn Youngkin.  This was his answer to charges brought against Trump for handing out sensitive information at Mar-a-Lago like pancakes at a breakfast buffet. 

Well, if they didn’t know before you became the governor, Glenn, you bet they do now.  After all, thousands of voters were hoodwinked by your campaign promise to give parents power they already had.

Like those mommies in Loudoun County that you politically targeted to get elected, using faulty information and downright lies to scare parents into believing they had no power over their children’s education.  Anybody who’s set foot in a public school in the past several generations knew this was false.

Yup- we know firsthand, all right. 

We all wondered how long it would take for this pseudo leader of the downtrodden to hone in on Trump’s legal woes, and the answer is about 24 hours.  And just like all the other Republicans who are afraid to scorch the reputation of the carrot-topped one, Youngkin fell in line like a bowling alley pin.  

No surprise here, really. 

Youngkin didn’t know when to stop, so he continued with this:  “Regardless of your party, this undermines faith in our judicial system at exactly the time when we should be working to restore that trust.”

Really, Glenn ?  With the indictment released Friday, which includes actual recordings, emails, text messages, pictures, and first hand knowledge about what happened with sensitive documents in the hands of the ex-president, not indicting would have undermined any faith most of us have in our judicial system.

After four years of a judicial system packed with Trump loyalist judges and led by the likes of Bob Barr, you’re right.  Restoring that trust is paramount to this country’s health.  So indicting Trump on these 37 counts and those still to come is a restorative that gives me cause to think the country just might be back on track to normal.

People who break laws get indicted - and possibly convicted.  That includes ex-presidents.  And that’s the way the judicial system works, Glenn, regardless of party. 

Anyways, I guess we should be a little relieved that our governor wasn’t as over-the-top crazy like other politicians.

Ron DeSantis said, “The weaponization of federal law enforcement represents a mortal threat to a free society.”

Kevin McCarthy said, “This is going to disrupt this nation because it goes to the core of equal justice for all, which is not being seen today.  And we’re not going to stand for it.”

Nobody was as over the top as loyalist Kari Lake, who’s still whining about losing her November election.  Her response might indicate why.  ‘If you wanna get to President Trump, you’re gonna have to go through me, and you’re gonna have to go through 75 million Americans just like me.”

At least our guy in sleeveless fleece was a little more sane, even though the gist of his quotes reflect the same attitude that no one is above the law -  except Republicans. 

The real question is, how will Virginians react to his comments and his undying support of the ex-grifter-in-chief in November ?

This fall, Virginia will have the chance to restore that “judicial faith” by removing those state delegates and senators who support MAGA ideals and the man who created them for his own aggrandizement.  That would make our current governor powerless to move the state closer to his hallmark vision for Virginians, which includes reduced women’s rights, increased environmental dangers, and guns for everyone.

Looks like an easy decision to me, especially with all of our “first-hand” experience. 


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